Welcome to Nigeria, Newbies!

…Well, welcome to MY version of Nigeria. NIGERIA: The densely populated, highly corrupted (oops…sorry, we voted for Change), bountifully endowed, land of the famous and home of the wealthy, teeming with strength, beaming with potential, untapped dimensions, God’s marvelous creation; This nation, a stallion, a giant, a warrior, much more than conqueror… This. Is my Nigeria. Allow me the honour, dear Newbies, of showing you my version, the parts people refuse to talk about or acknowledge, the ugly, the bad, the terrible, even the good, the powerful, the beautiful; the real Naija.


Let’s take it away boys! >>>>>>



Some of you think you know how the human mind works because you’ve done some modules of Psychology and seminars in sociology.

Sorry to burst your bubble, darling, you do not. But… I know someone whom you can learn from (he’s supposedly dead by the way): Adolf Hitler. Yes. And his fast-learning prodigy- Nnamdi Kanu.

See, when you give a poor,  jobless, hungry man money, food and promise him “more of where that came from”, he can do anything you want. This is the principle these two men seem to have mastered.

I’m sure some of you who are more interested in Kylie Jenner and Kanye West than current affairs are wondering what I’m on about.

Nnamdi Kanu:

  • Founder, Radio Biafra
  • Leader, The Indigenous People of Biafra
  • Political activist, advocate for separatism* and secession of Nigeria

Biafra: The Land of the Rising Sun; dominated by the Igbos. A secessionist state.

Rubbish? Impossible? You think so? That’s probably because you, my friend, have enough disposable cash to spend on necessities like food and enough extra to buy the data plan you’re currently using to read this or better still WiFi.

Guess what? According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 102 million people live below the poverty line (that is, $1 daily) in Nigeria. Absolute poverty. Now, when this man, Mr Kanu, compares the state of underdevelopment in the south with the rapid development in western and northern states, it wouldn’t be totally inaccurate to suggest that his anger, mine and I assume the anger of many others is justified by the imminent injustice.

Let me make myself clear; I do not want a war. I do not want division but this man has a cause, worthy might I add, he has the hearts of the poor, common man. These people take up a majority of the population. This is all Hitler needed to nearly wipe away the Jews.

So, Biafra. Possible? Maybe.

I think Nigeria needs a wake-up call, don’t you?



*Separatism: the act of dividing the Federation.